Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Homeward bound...

Getting out of here probably around 4 after my last (well, in-house) vanco IV infusion. I will be going home on that (it's every 12 hours-Q12- which isn't bad, but it's two hours. Which is bad. Oh well we'll figure out something...), plus TOBI aerosol and levoquin oral med. Not too bad if you think about it. Not that i wouldn't love to not have the port accessed but at least today I got to take a bath and wash the skin around the port AND MY HAIR so that's good. And I am dressed and wearing make-up; these are all large accomplishments!

All in all I feel pretty good, which is a great thing after feeling like crap for so long, as we know. I am excited to get back to real world and hit Barnes and Noble for some book purchasing since I am behind. And get Peter Pan on DVD because I just love that movie.

And happy happys to: Branden, whose 25th birthday was yesterday, and Andrea, who turns 24 today!!

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