Sunday, February 28, 2010

What makes you happy?


Got this great idea from Jane!  I'm going to tag ALL of you! (That blog that is.)
You have to write 10 things that make you happy. (And that picture? That is one of them. Love it.) 

So, here are mine: 
  1. My parish
  2. Time w/ my family. The four of us (Mel is in Chicago) had lunch at Mohawk in German Village after Mass today, and it was so fun. A perfect day so far. 
  3. Hockey! Watching the gold medal game now. 
  4. The snow is melting, and tomorrow is March 1! Spring nears.
  5. beaches
  6. Good books
  7. Jane Austen movies (watched the new BBC Emma and Sense and Sensibility yesterday)
  8. Babies (such a cutie in front of us at Mass!)
  9. Yankee candles
  10. Soft, warm blankets to snuggle under while watching hockey.
What makes you happy? Share in the combox!

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