Monday, February 01, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook--February 1, 2010

I am so glad it's February! January seemed to last forever!

Outside My Window::
Very clear, not too cold--in the mid 30s. No ice, so I'm happy!

I am wearing ::
J. Crew chinos (gray), a Banana Republic cashmere argyle sweater

I am Thankful For::
My Parade experience

I am Reading:
Mediterranean Summer (I keep re-reading this. It’s such a good winter book.)

From the Kitchen::
A chocolate mascarpone cake from Giada’s Kitchen; pasta; chicken dishes that have yet to be decided on.

I am Thinking:
about how fortunate I am.

I am Creating::
ORDER. (see below)

On my iPod::
My gym soundtrack

Towards Rhythm and Beauty:
I have a gym log and a food log. I figure if I write everything down, that will be incredibly helpful. I used to keep a workout log, but I finished it, and I’m glad I finally have a new one. It’s a great way to track what I do in the gym. I’ve never used a food diary, so this will be a  new experience.

To Live the Liturgy:
Mass tomorrow for Candlemas (I love this feast, I love the name, love it all), LOH, Rosary, magnificat

I am Hoping and Praying:
For Leah Y., who is currently in labor with her first child—a boy! She was induced yesterday so I hope by now the babe has appeared.

Around the House:
Always--the kitchen table.  Taking out the trash, vacuuming.

One of My Favorite Things:
Symphony Concerts

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week:
Tonight: Dinner with Karen and Paige
T and W: Session
Th: Voice

   A Picture Thought  I'm Sharing:
From the Parade archives: 

Last dress rehearsal, before the opening of Act I 

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MrsKruse said...

Depending on how in to food diarying you get, I used to use Fit Day ( to journal my food & exercise. I was trying to balance both calories and nutrition (I am horrid at getting my vitamins and minerals) so Fit Day was a good option. I've only used their freebie version...never felt the need to upgrade.

Whenever I gain a lb or two and just want to be more conscious of what I'm doing, I'll use it for a week or two to find out what I'm doing wrong.