Friday, February 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. XXIII

(I'm going to try to be like Margaret and see if I can do this in 20 minutes!)

I am not a Saints fan--I am a Steelers fan. 
That said, the Saints might just have become my favorite NFC. I love Drew Brees and his adorable child. That picture post-game? Priceless. 

Snow, snow and more snow--and now icicles. At least now I am beginning to see more pavement in my parking lot, and even a few parking spot lines! So this is progress. Slush is better than snow, which is better than ice. There is hierarchy here.

Weekend plans (for the long weekend--Monday off!): BalletMet's A Midsummer Night's Dream Tonight, at the Riffe Center; tomorrow, dentist in the AM and stuff with Tiffany; Sunday, Lay Dominicans after Noon Mass, and Monday? Just hanging out. Whew. 

I'm back to blogging at CPG. I sort of neglected it while I tried to do 30 posts in 30 days over here, during  the month of January (check the archives--totally achieved that goal!).  With Lent starting next week (can you BELIEVE it?), that will be the place for all things Lent. 

Books of 2010 update: Death On a Friday Afternoon, Brava, Valentine, Lucia, Lucia. 

Blog housekeeping: Noticed those tabs up above? I really love them. They will be evolving, so keep an eye out. If you have any comments/suggestions/questions, click the contact me tab and shoot me an email, or just leave one in the com box. I do read (and respond to!) every email and comment from the blog. 

I do not have a Valentine this year; I did, however, send my godson an e-card. And Nigella Lawson's Feast has a recipe for a single Valentine's Day meal. I'll be making that tomorrow (or Sunday) and posting the results here. Probably making it Sunday--on actual Valentine's Day.
(And my godson? He lives in Pittsburgh, and hasn't had school all week. I bet my Aunt is going stir crazy with two teenage (well, almost teenage, in Ryan's case) boys around all week. 
(7 minutes! I rule!) 

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Anonymous said...

I am one of those who would rather watch the football players children than the actual super bowl, so I'm with you on the first one!