Wednesday, December 02, 2009

This, That, and the Other


--Stitch is topping this post, because he can.
--It's been raining almost all day here. At least I can break out the Hunter boots when I traipse out tonight for voice. (Mine are violet, just like Bella's in Twilight. And no, I haven't seen New Moon. It's my least favorite book, so I'll probably just wait until it's out on DVD. And my December is insane. More on that below.)
--Voice: Working on some random pieces. I have another audition coming up, for Gallery Player's "Company" (this is the group I did Parade with last winter). I really, really want to do this show because there is a FANTASTIC Alto part. Really, honest to God contralto. Problem? The woman is thirty-something. Do I look 30 something? Not. So I'm counting on some eyeliner, dark clothes and my voice to make me look 30. I'm hoping we can nail down a song tonight, too.
--Crazy December? Here's what's on tap: Tomorrow night, Cap's Christmas Fest with Melanie. I haven't been since...oh....2004? 2005? When I helped the SAI chapter girls usher it. This will be the first time I've gone as a spectator--I've usually been in it, or working it. Not this time. I'm watching and singing along with the audience during carols. Can't wait to see how my old Purple Robe is holding up. Dinner with the friends on Dec. 11, Tiffany's Christmas Concert Dec. 12, Messiah rehearsals Dec. 13 and 18, and performance in Hilliard on the 20th. That doesn't count regular Mass stuff, work stuff, any other "stuff" that might pop up.
--These books rock my world. As I am a Jane addict, I got both Jane books. Why they do not offer ALL Jane books is a mystery to me. Because they should. And I would buy them. (duh.)
--How's your Advent going so far? Enjoying it? At my parish we're using the Latin antiphon for the entrance, and for the psalm. Waaaay cool. I still have to figure out how to read the Latin chant music. It's not a normal 5 staff pattern.
--My tree is up. A few ornaments are still in storage at my parents', so it looks a wee bit bare right now. 'Twill be righted later.

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