Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

It is beautiful here today, in the low 80s, but with a good stiff breeze that keeps us all cool. In honor of this great weather, I headed for Blacklick Woods, the closest park, to walk on their nature trails.
I haven't done this in years, and I've never done it alone, but none of the paths is longer than a mile, and the one I took ran near the adjacent golf course, so I wasn't fearing for my safety.
It was a good exercise call. The path was nearly deserted, except for a few other walkers and two families with their little girls, and beautiful. Lots of violets blooming, and I saw a cardinal looking for food at one point.
I didn't put in my iPod or anything, I just walked and listened. The trees haven't bloomed yet, so there wasn't a lot of shade, but it didn't get very hot. The nice thing about walking on a trail is you're working harder than on a treadmill but you don't notice. There were some small inclines, and the trail gradually winds uphill, but you don't really notice until the brain says, "hey, this feels hard". Then I would look back and see, geez, yup, I was going uphill.
Tons of kids and families playing on the playground equipment and on the swings. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying the day.

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MrsKruse said...

I trained for a mini marathon (which I ended up not running) out at Blacklick's a nice place to walk/run! :)