Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hard Day's Night

since the last time I wrote, things have gotten....weird.
The cold that I have had since March re-asserted itself on Thursday, as we know. So I missed work on Thursday and Friday.
The weekend was OK. I had my birthday dinner at Scali's, and folks over afterwards for cake.
Sunday--not so great. Major increase in coughing and lots of sleeping.
So my parents came over (to make sure I was still alive, in part) and that's when I brought up a piece of sputum that was sort of...pinkish in color. Anything even remotely close to red is cause of concern (or, as I did, a freak-out).
So I called the tx pulmonologist on call, who happened to be Dr. K, one of my favorites. He said I could either come in to the ER or wait until tomorrow morning and go to clinic.
I chose the ER.
Long story short--After being there for 5 hours, apparently I was "normal".
EKG, CXR, all that-normal.
Blood work--we had no idea. It hadn't come back yet.
So...I was to call clinic in the AM and then go from there.
Monday: Called clinic. Came in. PFTS, etc. couldn't really be done because I would cough and screw up the result. Oxygen sat was 96%, which is low(er) for me.
The verdict: I either have a virus or....(wait for it).....allergies.

Gotta tell you, not really feeling that diagnosis. I mean, allergies? I didn't think allergies made you feel like poking your eyes out with a red-hot metal object. You get night sweats with allergies? Huh?

So Dr. A was quick to tell me it could be a virus. So far, that hasn't turned up in the cultures.
Anyway, I'm feeling somewhat more human so I'll be back to work tomorrow.
This is all just further proof that my body is some very weird collection of organs that doesn't listen to anyone. Oh well.

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