Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Audition for Peter Pan

So, another day...another audition. This time for Columbus Children's Theater's Peter Pan.

I like this show--I used to watch the old TV special on tape, and, surprisingly, remember a number of songs. But with there being 3, more likely 2, roles that I fit (physically, that is), I did it as sort of a lark, or audition practice.

Got there early, of course (first one!). Filled out the normal info sheet, attached my resume and headshot and went to sit in the theater. This show is being performed at the Southern Theater downtown and not at the CCT's Park Street theater, where we had auditions.

I was singing "Storybook" (again). I am almost ready to premier "The Gentleman Is A Dope" from Allegro, but I'll probably save that for the summer. I have never not gotten cast when I've done this song.

So the place starts to fill--there were probably about 70 auditioners, from ages 5 to 60. (Probably). So you basically had three sets of people--kids (under 18), adult men and adult women. I really only had to worry about the adult women, because CCT divides the roles into adults and kids, and then into gender (although some of the roles in Peter Pan are non gender specific, like nana, pirates, indians, etc. ).

Lots of Parade folk--LaRon, both Aarons (And Aaron L. didn't even tell me!), Amber, and Michelle (Lizzie). Michelle actually sang part of "The Picture Show." Aaron L. did a song from Oliver! and Amber did "Before I Gaze At You Again" from Camelot. And, very fun, Bethany from J&H was there with her daughter, Rachel. Rachel sang "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" and Bethany did "A Cockeyed Optimist" from South Pacific.

The director, choreographer and stage manager were all very nice, very professional. We had an excellent accompanist, although you got 12-16 bars and then he stopped! So I marked my music accordingly and didn't have an abrupt cut-off, like some people did.

I thought it went well. The theater has some interesting sound dynamics. A little girl told me that she liked my song. It is definitely more fun auditioning with kids, because they don't get so competitive and uptight, even with each other.

After we all sang, we had dance auditions. I was in the first group and we learned a simple combination. After learning it en masse, we performed it for the choreographer and director twice in small groups (Of about 6). I didn't stop or fall down, so that's successful for me. Really, though, I think I did OK.

The director shocked us by saying he would call by 11 TONIGHT and let us know who is going to be called back. Call backs are tomorrow. Cast up Thursday, first rehearsal Friday night. Whew.

So we'll see. It was a fun time and I enjoyed it.

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