Thursday, April 16, 2009

The sun is shining

For the first time all week, and where am I?
at home.
So the cold I got at the beginning of March is still here, and back for Round Two--throat is killing me, nose running like a fire hydrant, and sleep very high atop my list.
But I feel like I have to exercise my brain somehow, so here we are. A few randoms for your Thursday AM.

1) Books: Read A Little Bit Wicked--Kristin Chenoweth's autobiography--twice since I got it on Tuesday. What a wonderful actress and funny as all get out. If you haven't seen Pushing Daisies (such a wonderful show--boooo on ABC for cancelling it!), go out and get the first season on DVD post haste. Also read The Loved One, by Evelyn Waugh, a very funny novella about a man who works in a pet cemetery in LA and falls in love with a cosmetician at the fancy human burial ground nearby, where everyone is called The Loved One. Very, very funny, if a bit on the dark humor side. I got this for my birthday, along with Scoop, which I am reading now.

2) Market Days are back! I made my first trip of the year to the North Market, where I bought a pound of ground lamb and a pint of Jeni's Salty Caramel ice cream (my throat--and the rest of me--really likes that). The meat counter I found is run by a wonderful family who seems to have everything at their counter, and they were even butchering while I was there! I will be using the ground lamb in Nigella's Rapid Ragu recipe from Nigella Express. I love ground lamb, and now I have a place where I can get not only that, but every other kind of lamb incarnation. Yay!

3) Movies: Watched The Reader, and really liked it. Ralph Fiennes is extraordinary. I don't know if it's Kate Winslet's best performance, but she had to win the Oscar sometime so here we are. Personally, I loved her in Little Children, Finding Neverland, etc. Perhaps on further viewing I'll like this one the best. Also watched Doubt (whew what a movie! with a few theological errors) and Quantum of Solace. Bond movies are really confusing without the captioning, so I'm always excited when it comes out on DVD and I can watch them and understand, as opposed to watching it in the theater and thinking, hmmm. Why is Fields covered in oil and spread out on the bed?

So that about sums up life lately. Thrilling, eh?
Back to bed. Willing the body to cooperate. I guess it knows I have no shows right now so it can misbehave. I say NO to that!

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