Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm back!

Well, with the crazy weather we've been having here, I have been staked out at my parents' the last few days, and there's only one computer (long story), so I haven't had much access to this blog. Ice,'s a mess out here! But I am back, and returned to Regularly Scheduled Blogging!
No Parade call for me until Monday, when I do the Factory Girls' scene in Act II. Then rehearsal T-Th--we hope!
My resume was accepted for the Weathervane Playhouse auditions in Newark! They do five shows a season. I am hoping to be case in "Into the Woods" and/or "The Secret Garden". 


MrsKruse said...

I love, love, love Into the Woods!

What part would you want?

Emily said...

I would like to play The Baker's Wife or the Witch. Little Red would be fun, too, but they are casting a kid for that.