Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Frustrations Of Essie

In which she berates the Bionic Ear for its treachery

OK, so having a featured role is harder than I thought. 
Especially when the Bionic Ear Does Not Love Me. 
On Thursday, Abby (Iola) and I ran "The Factory Girls" with our music director, Kristin (Frank and Jen were there too, working on other things in the background). We ran through it a few times, and Kristin says to me, "Can you sing without vibrato?"
I had to think about this. I can, but I have not done it in a long time. After a few more discussion points, I realized that the sound she was looking for was closer to Young Cosette than Cosette. In other words--I had to sing like a kid. 
Remember all that stuff I said about depth of tone? Yeah. None of that. Spread tone. As Jane would say (because everything, in the end, comes back to Jane), Kristin wants "light, bright and sparkling." 
Frank said the same thing, after listening to us. Well, OK, me. I know I am at least 6 years older than the girl who plays Monteen, and I'm fairly sure Abby and I are about the same age. But Abby seemed to have a better handle on the kid thing than I did. 
And, to bring it back to the Bionic Ear, I'm SHARP on the high E. Because I can't use vibrato! And the CI tunes me sharp on high notes. 
Essie is frustrated. 
Part of it is the CI. The other part is...well, it appears I have reached (or will have reached) vocal maturity soon. Kristin said I sound "operatic". (Who knew?) So the position I'm in is akin to asking a Pro Bowler to play like a Pee Wee Leaguer. 
It's really, really hard. 
I'm trying not to whine here. (I think I'm failing) I love this show, I love this part. I will love it a lot more when I feel better about the role. 
Hopefully with the blocking we have set for "The Factory Girls" scene, I will be able to fit the pitch issues with the E and B-flat. I hope so, anyway. I left rehearsal today feeling very, very grumpy at myself. 
Tomorrow and tuesday we run Act I (Tuesday it's in front of the designers--lights, costumes, sets, props).  Then I have Wednesday off, and possibly Thursday. 

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Bryan said...

You'll hit your pitch Em. You will because you have the drive to improve. That's all people need to improve, the desire and the will to.
It's ironic because I've had a very similiar situation.
I havn't had the start I wanted to for track season. I'm burnout, sore, and tired, and not running as well as I know I can. The reason is because I didn't take time off after cross country. What am I going to do? I'm taking that break, granted two months overdue. But when I come back, I'll have the drive to run the way I want to.
While this sucks short-term, anything worth doing is worth the hard work to get there. So keep it up EM. Looking forward to seeing the play!
love u
ps- let's have dinner either tonight or tomorrow night