Monday, February 11, 2008


OK class was awesome. Really. Seriously.
Because the local weather guys are predicting gloom and doom, there were only three of us at class (and one observer). Normally, the receptionist told me, you get a pretty good turnout. I was in the middle, age-wise. One girl looked to be in high school and the other seemed to be in her early 30s.
Julia (our teacher) was great. We started with a quick mat warm -up, then we did barre, which, amazingly, had not totally deserted me. The teacher liked my ronde de jambs (for you non-French people, those are leg circles). So go me. :) After that we did some more stretching (which is important when you're older), and then center work. OK center work was not quite as cool, given my sense of balance is a bit, um, wobbly. BUT I didn't do too bad on some of the combinations that didn't involve balancing on one leg.
I could not believe how hard I worked. I mean, seriously, treadmill has NOTHING on ballet class. I am going to need some new leotards or I'll be doing laundry every day, especially if I take class twice a week. (They offer Ballet Intro M and Th at the Gahanna school, but this Thursday I've got other meetings.)
Anyway, I didn't fall down and I didn't totally embarrass myself. I bought 12 classes, so I have 11 more to go. And after that, I am going to look awesome. :-D Seriously.
I cannot WAIT for my next class.
(Oh, and tx note--I would NEVER have been able to do this class pre-tx. NEVER.)

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