Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fighting the sandman...

This whole flu recovery thing, to use some slang, sucks. OK, yes, it's been worse (duh!), but this constant feeling of "I could close my eyes and sack out for about 12 hours right now" is not the most productive thing in the world.

ON the plus side--I did over a mile on the treadmill today (25 minutes) doing intervals. Woohoo! Laura could hardly believe I'd been sick. So that was awesome.

And yes, my boy Mitt is out of the race. :( Tear. There's always '12. (Is it just me, or does that look really funny?)

And Lent is here, hence the Lenten colors...bring it on!

This weekend: Another Culture Cat--the ballet! And Richelle's 25th birthday party at Martini's (one word: YUM).

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