Thursday, June 01, 2006

Junior Year

So I worked at Old Navy over the summer and attempted to stay healthy, which kind of worked, kind of didn't. I was actually on IV therapy when I started the job, so I had to use the tried-and-true ace bandage wrap cover-up so people wouldn't notice, or at least wouldn't ask. Fortunately that didn't last too long. It wasn't a bad job, but not my favorite thing ever, so I was glad to get back to school that fall.

I took some awesome classes, like Early American law with the second conservative (actually Libertarian) prof on campus, Dr. Mayer, who is so ridiculously smart it's crazy (he's a Heritage Foundation-approved law expert, for what it's worth); choir, as usual; The French Media, which was pretty cool, especially the part when we watched French movies for like 6 weeks, and creative writing, which was fun (well, for me), but it was pretty crazy what some of the others came up with in the short-story assignment. Most of them revolved around aliens or sexual entanglements; mine was a 10 page sketch of a family argument. I've never been in to really fantastic stories and I try to write about things I know. Hence, the argument. (We're Italian, German and Irish-- what do you want?)

Besides my classload, I was also Secretary to the Multicultural Affairs committee of SG, the secretary for Women's Chorus, President of the Catholic Students' Organization, a member of College Republicans (bien sur!), and I was an editor for The Chimes , the school paper, that semester. It was on the Chimes staff that I first discovered the wonder that is Chipotle, so I am forever grateful to our entertainment editor for that. :) We would work late nights laying out the paper on the ancient iBooks with even older Adobe pagemaker software, but it was a lot of fun. I've always loved wiedling a red pen over fresh copy (yeah, that's a bit sadistic, but oh well. I think editors have to be, sometimes.).

But of course, things just couldn't go on being awesome fun, no siree. Right after Thanksgiving, I was back at the resort with another bout of pancreatitis (I blame it on too much turkey :) ). And that's when we first discussed transplant seriously...

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