Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Could Be in Pictures

...flash forward to the present...just for a minute. :)

The Children's annual Telethon is coming up this Sunday and I was asked by the PR dept. at Children's to be a part of their publicity for the event. So far we've filmed a piece for the Telethon show (that's on Channel 10 --CBS-- this Saturday, at like 8:00, I tihnk), and today we took still photographs for the Pediatric Health Source ads/ piece that will run in the Dispatch , and air on Channel 10 during their 5:00 news. I'd done a couple photo shoots before, at Children's and for Lifeline of Ohio, but this was the first time I'd actually had a make-up artist do my hair and face and had to sign a "model release form", so I felt really cool. :) It's funny to think that before transplant I would never have considered doing any publicity for the CF stuff because no one knew I even had CF, unless they were Very Special People. But it was nice to have my make-up and hair done and have people tell you that you look great for a solid hour. :) Enjoyable. Hope the photos turn out well...

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