Sunday, May 28, 2006

Roll call!

We're going to stop the story - very, very briefly - to list/thank/praise some of the awesome people that took part in making sure I was around to tell the story. There is no way I can list everyone bu name because, to be honest, I either a) never knew their names or b) they told me and I instantly forgot. My brain was a wee bit like mush in those days. I mean, come on, cut me a break here.

In the ICU there was, of course, a lot of incredible people. My CF docs (well, OK, all of them but one, Dr. Sheik, who did a great job) were in Orlando at the CF convention (I remember that because they brought me back Disney stuffed animals-- Dr. M brought my an Eeyore with a detachable tail (still have it), and Rita brought me back a Tigger toy), so I was sort of abandoned. :) Not really. Dr. Craenen, an incredible cardiologist, was in the ICU that month, and she was fantastic. I don't know how God makes such smart people, but she must of got an extra portion of brains in the Creation line. A fantastic doctor that did a great job saving me when most people were ready to throw in the towel.

The nurses were also awesome, although I don't remember a lot about them (understandably). I remember the nurses on 4AE a lot better, so I can name some of them - Rita and Cathy (aforementioned), Chris, Gretchen, Beth, Shelia (I think) and a whole bunch of others that I can't remember because there were just a lot of them. The RTs - Linda, etc. - were also great, as well as the whole PT/OT staff, who were working with me and making me work, even when the last thing I wanted to do was get the freakin' checker!! :)

And, of course, Dr. M and all the CF docs, once they came back from Orlando (after that trip, Dr. M got an international pager so we could get her anywhere, anytime. I still have the number- sort of like a charm against bad luck, I guess). I really made them work for their paycheck that month. :)

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