Monday, June 19, 2006

College buddies

So I did this for my high school pals so I will do it for my college buddies...if you're not interested, feel free to skip. :) But I've got to give them something.

In no particular order:


--Rob: You know, I don't even remember how/when we met, but I'm sure it was a CR thing. Later on we were in Student Government (SG) together, and he was speaker our senior year. One of Branden's three roomies. Currently in law school and will make one heck of a lawyer. The one who famously said I didn't count as a girl because I hung out with guys all the time. :) Usually in the thick of our debates. Lots of good CPAC memories, as well as the NYC Trip (and almost leaving Chris at some obscure PA rest stop)

--Alex: or Tor-ner-oooo, as I usually call him. Part of the huge Tornero clan. President of CRs for two years (I think) and the brainchild behind such great CR moments as the PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) cookout and the John Kerry Flip-Flop Pancake breakfast. Likes to have loud, long religious debates avec moi. He and I took a road trip to Dayton once to take part in a VPOTUS event, which was fun, except for when he broke my sunglasses and we argued over the music. :) Currently working on Sec. Blackwell's gubernatorial campaign.

--Richelle: Remember exactly when I met her--Survey of Brit Lit 1 with Dr. Summers. She hadn't hit her couture stage yet (which she is still in), and had looong hair, wore hardly any make-up, and wore nice skirts and blouses. That all changed very quickly. :) So many good times- NYC 2004 (shopping!), CPAC my junior year, shopping expiditions at Easton and our seasonal dinner parties. EGs. :)

--Branden: already covered in great detail.

--Liz: Now a doctor with the Navy (and in officers' training right now), she was the reason I changed my major from Education to Poli Sci. Awesome, incredibly smart, and pretty to boot. Married to Grant and lives in VA near a beach! (I'm so jealous)

--The Other CRs: Way too many to list, but here are some: Shane, Chris, Andy, Davidson, Candi (who gave me shelter in the honors house after the CPAC 2004 snowstorm!), Sarah, Leah, and all the others. Lots of fun times!

--Steve: While technically a libertarian, Steve is another of Branden's roomies and is a lot of fun, if you don't mind arguing. :) Very intelligent but hardly ever (in his mind) wrong, he can argue about just about anything forever. Great Ayn Rand lover. NYC 2004 trip and multiple CPACs. Unfortunate incident with bedroom door handle... Did ROTC in college, plans to go to law school.

--Janetta: Also in Women's Chorus with me. Awesome girl, my best SAI friend. Had a lot of fun in choir and SAI. She's in Chicago studying Art therapy.

--Kathryn: Also a best SAI friend. We're in the alumnae chapter together now, which is lots of fun. Both of us love Wicked ! (How can you not? Come on!)

There was a lot of overlap--a lot of CRs were in SG, and vice versa (we had an CR SG takeover my senior year...sooo much fun!)

Branden's last roommate, Chris, is now a grad student at WSU. A history major, he was in SG with us but not CRs (even though I suspect he holds Republican tendencies, although we're not totally sure). Host of teh SG bonfire at his place in Groveport, which usually lead to: 1) rock throwing 2) s'mores 3) bottle rockets in the field behind his house 4) one of the guys setting something on fire that really shouldn't have been.

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