Sunday, June 04, 2006

Telethon wrap

The telethon went really well...I'm not sure how much money the hospital raised, but right before my medal presentation they were up to over $3 million, so that's pretty good (at least I think so). I'm not sure what they're goal was, but I like that.

The presentation went well. I was in a group with about 6 kids, mostly boys, except for an 18 mo. old girl from the Heart Center, who was really cute. There were two brothers behind me, one about 4 and the older looked to be about 8 or 9, who were also really cute. You want to see good-looking, adorable kids? Watch this show. :) We were waiting in the lobby of the education center before we went into the auditorium, where the broadcast was, and it was fun to see all the little kids running around. I was definitely the oldest, or tied for oldest with a boy I saw, but I wasn't sure how old he was. Mel took pictures so we'll probably have those up soon, once I get them on the Mac. I also saw one end of the domino transplant, the little boy (Jacob? Joseph? Something like that), and his parents, who were being interviewed by 10 TV's Heather Pick (who just loves these kids, you can tell). He kept trying to take an apple away from his older brother, which I thought was adorable. He looks fantastic, and the whole family looks really happy. It's been about six months now, I think, for them, so things are going well.

A lot of people congratulated me and asked me how long it had been, and were excited to hear it's almost been a year. I can't believe that, myself. :) Things are going really super well...hope it holds up!

After the telethon we went to Mass in the chapel with Fr. Mark, who is an awesome priest, which we knew, but he also gives great homilies that involve candy, which makes the little kids sooooo happy. :) One little guy kept jumping up and down every time Fr. Mark held up another piece. The candy did have a point. Since today was Pentecost, the candy represented different aspects of the Holy Spirit-- Twizzlers (my dad's favorite) for the interconnectedness of believers; Big Red gum for long-lasting faith; red tootsie pops for the sweetness of spirit, and cinnamon for the fun of it (I think). For more on the Mass, head over to my "Poster Girl" blog (link at right). Rita was there too (yay!) as well as Michelle, one of my favorite PICU nurses post-transplant (more on her later). So it was a great day--nice to be there and not get poked!!

We now resume our story where we left off...the first "big" transplant discussion...

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