Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well, it's me we're talking about, so I guess that's not unexpected... :)
I went for a "follow-up" at The Resort today to see what was going on after last week's little visit. Apparently, I'm just weird, because my PFTs were better than they've ever been (62%, up from the last high of 60% in June), DLCO was fine, NiOx was fine (still a wee bit high for me, but oh well) and the three "box" tests we ran were fine. So I don't know. :) And I lost weight so I guess the lasix is working. Yay!

But I got to see Dr. M, which I never get to do anymore, so that was great. After a lot of years going to her when I looked/felt like crap it's nice for her to see me when my PFTs are 62%, as opposed to 28%. Wow. When you look at those numbers it's kind of amazing, eh? Of course, I'm sure she also enjoys knowing that I no longer weigh 90 pounds. :) (She's probably the only one--ha!)

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