Sunday, August 26, 2007

books, books...more books

When I was in NYC, I, of course, engaged in serious shopping therapy. But the amount of books I bought was sort of obscene! An (R) means I've already read it... :)

At the World of Disney on 5th Ave.:
--Cooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs--recipes from the parks, the resorts, and the cruise ships. Yummy.

At Theater Circle, next to John's Pizza and across from the Majestic, on 44th:
--Children of a Lesser God (the play) by Mark Medoff (R)
--Making It on Broadway (which has Patrick Wilson stories!) by Davie Wienir and Jodie Langel (R)

At Colony Music:
--The Musical Works of Boubil and Schonberg (R)

At the Strand, "18 miles of books" on 12th Ave. and Broadway (I think)...this place is like the Beast's library in Beauty and the Beast. I mean, stacks to the ceiling. Amazing. These are all OUP World's Classics (They were HALF OFF!!!):

--A. Dumas (fils) La Dame aux cameillas (R), the novel on which Verdi based La Traviata
--Kipling, The Jungle Books
--Henry James, The Golden Bowl
--Robert Louis Stevenson, South Seas tales
--Puskin, Eugene Onegin
And a tote bag and a button!

At the Met Museum of Art (on 5th Avenue, near the South end of Central Park):
--Between Salt Water and Holy Water: A History of Southern Italy (for my dad)
--Museum:Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (R)--v. good.

Other things I bought:
--A NYC apple pillow (NBC store)
--A "Live from New's Saturday Night!" tee (NBC)
--Mickey as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (Disney)
--Pegasus from "Fantasia" (Disney) (NOTE: I have wanted these since I was a wee little barin. I'm so glad I have them!)
--A Phantom souvenir program (which, Thank God, are still only $10!!)
--A recording of Harry Connick Jr. in teh Pajama Game (for Mel)
--Certificates from Ellis Island that state my great (great?) grandfather, John M. Dorrian, immigrated from the UK (from London, but via Scotland...) in 1924, and is on the immigrant wall of honor there. (One for my mom and one for my grandma--his daughter (granddaughter? Need to figure that out)
--A Minnie Mouse as Lady Liberty Pen (Disney)
--Hard Rock Cafe shorts (HRC--Times Square)
--Martha Stewart Collection stuff at Macy's (Yes, I am weird)

Um I think that's it. Think that's enough??? :) :) The stuffed toys are SO CUTE!

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