Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vacay! Vacay!

Elle: Girls, I'm going to Harvard.
Friend: Ooooh, like on Vacay?
Friend 1 and 2: Road trip! Road trip!
--Legally Blonde

OK, so I'm not going to Harvard, but I am going on Vacay! My friend Lindsay and I are heading to the Big Apple for a belated 2 year tx anniversary trip. (We went to Chicago last year--for that trip, go We leave Thursday morning and will come back Sunday afternoon around 6 ish. (I hope)

Highlights include: NBC studio tour, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, eating at Mario Batali's Lupa in Greenwich Village, shopping at World of Disney and Tiffany's, AND...


Which, as we know, is the best show EVER. :-D

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Candi said...

Enjoy your trip to the Big Apple this weekend. I think I'm headed into the city to do some shopping this weekend; my wardrobe is looking very sad. Wouldn't it be funny if I ran in to you?