Monday, April 30, 2007

Writer's block

Not a lot going on around here, health-wise (thank God!), so that's fantastic. Had a meeting w/ Kathy today, which was always helpful. Psychotherapy can be great.

I've been thinking about the Book idea again. Everyone is always saying "you should write a book." Well I don't know. The problem isn't so much the writing (writing is, after all, my job), but how to organize the material. How to make it interesting. I'd like to write a book that's informative but also a mixture of things--funny, serious, with faith thrown in there too (of course), and it seems a bit beyond my grasp as a writer. And there's the Anne Frank idea; who would be interested in the "unbosomings" of a 25 year old? Even if I do have more lives than a cat. I know that I'm tired of seeing/reading books that perpetuate old transplant/CF myths and I'd like to dispel some of them (in a humorous and thoughtful way, of course).

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I have the CI surgery coming up so I will have an abundance of free time, at least for awhile. So I could get started if I felt that someone other than my mother (hi mom) would actually read it. And actually, she probably wouldn't get to it for years given her current reading pace (kidding!). So let's amend that to my parents. And maybe my siblings.


Amber said...

I'd read it, that is, as long as you read mine! ;)

Emily said...

Um, I'm in yours. :) So I figure I will just for my own edification. Will you sign it?? :)