Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I read this on wiki's page on lung allocation scores...how they decide who ranks where for lung transplants. This is nuts. It's amazing I got mine at all.

For example, a lung from a 16 year old donor would first be offered to the person in the age group 12-17 with the highest lung allocation score and matching blood type in the vicinity of the transplant center. If there no suitable recipient in that age group, it would next be offered to the highest LAS-scoring candidate who is under 12 years of age. Finally, it would be offered to the highest LAS-scoring person of age 18 or older. If there is no suitable candidate within the area, the lung may be offered to someone farther away, within certain time and distance constraints.

My lungs came from Minnesota and the woman was a lot older than me (I know more about my donor than most people because of the press surrounding my transplant). So how I got her organs I have no idea. It's just nutty to think about.

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