Friday, April 06, 2007

OSU round 2

So Yesterday was OSU round 2, and it went better, as in we actually got all the testing done. :) After the IV was put in (they're amazingly good at that), we drank water (but not as much as last time), then had the scan taken. 15 minutes of lying under a big Xray thing, lots of fun, let me tell you. Then we waited for the treadmill test itself, which involved lots of sticky (cold!) probes put on my torso and more nuclear stuff in the IV line (so far I haven't been glowing in the dark, but we'll see what happens at the Vigil tomorrow! Heh heh).
The test itself was, um, stressful . The beginning wasn't too bad--10% incline at 1.7, then 2.5, miles an hour. That was OK. When we cranked it up to 12% incline I got a little iffy, and once it started going 3.5 at that incline I was done . No thank you. Besides the fact I haven't even gone 3.0 in my regular workouts with no incline. My BP was OK, an I guess my HR was OK but I was hyperventilating to beat the band. So we stopped there, in "stage 3." I have no idea what that means for me, but I guess I'll find out. Then we did another heart scan/X ray thing for the "post" and then we were home. Whew. My stomach was not entirely happy with me, having been NPO for so long, but I did eat dinner before heading off to Mass.
Today I'm pretty sore and I've got a headache, probably because my eating is all off. I'm trying to fix that. Maybe a nap is in order...

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