Saturday, April 14, 2007

Support groups

Last week a few of the transplant families from Children's got together to have our first "support group" meeting, and I have to say, it was fun, probably because it didn't involve sitting around talking about "our feelings, " which would have been hard to do, given the group make-up.

There were two recipients: me, and then a 15 mo. old heart tx, who was just sooo adorable. He was 3 mo. old when he received his transplant, and he's just so cute. Love him. His mom and two older sisters were there with him. My parents had come with me, and the day had been organized by the mom of a heart-lung recipient, who was also around 3 months (I think) when he was transplanted. She brought her new baby, who was also very adorable. So, as you can guess, I was happy because there were a lot of cute kids.

We met in the library of the Ronald McDonald House (which is has a reading room, a play room, a living room, all sorts of things. The kitchen was super-cool and very high-tech. There was, of course, a room totally devoted to the Buckeyes (well, it did say "In Honor of Jim Tressel" on the plaque outside, so you know...). But the library really needs some better adult books. I think I need to take care of that!

Anyway, we talked about how we got to the point of transplant, and some random things, like how the moms get their boys to take the drugs (I have a hard time with some of them--the predinose, for example, just tastes gross, and there are some days where I am sorely tempted just to spit it out.), activity, stuff like that. It was pretty general but a lot of fun. I wish Amber could've been there but 1) she was in Miami (lucky dog) and 2) it would've been a long drive for her since she lives upstate. The rest of us live in the general Central OH area.

But it was fun and I got the contact info. for everyone so hopefully we will be meeting again. Sorry to cut this short, but I'm having my 25th birthday shindig with my friends tonight in...oh....a half hour, and I need to get ready!! Eek! At least the cake is baked....yummy. :)

Oh, and I got my Donate Life plates! They are on my car and look awesome! If you live in Ohio be sure to go tot he BMV and ask for them ! They are $15 extra with $5 going to the Ohio Second Chance Trust Fund to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation throughout the state. Lifeline's website (link in the blogroll) has a link to the BMV, so go!

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