Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random things I learned

Before I went back to work, though, I should probably share some random (warning, some of these could be graphic/gross, whatever, so proceed with caution) things I learned during the whole CF/TX experience (and I am still learning!):

--When they say "NPO" (nil per oral, Latin for nothing by mouth), they mean it. That means no water. So drink/eat up before the deadline, even if you don't feel like it, because trust me, you will in the a.m., especially if the procedure/operation isn't scheduled until like 2:00 pm. Or else you have to implement Emily's Law of Eating: NO EATING IN FRONT OF THE NPO GIRL. It is carved in stone. I have banished my parents from my "resort" room for this. Course dad has qualms about eating in front of me anyway...

--If you've been chroncially nauseous, keep plastic bags in your car. Know the locations of the nearest bathrooms in all movie theaters, shopping complexes, churches, etc. If anyone would like to know precisely where the bathrooms are at Easton, I'm your girl. If all else fails, locate trash cans, even though vomiting in public is not something I recommend. But I have done it. (Dad calls them my "exorcist" moments.)

--Barium's not that bad, especially if flavored with Quick. Just drink it fast, or "down it" as my mother says, and don't think about it.

--You will always wait forever in a lab. And radiology. It's a Law.

--Always bring a book. it's the times you don't have a book that you wait forever. And if for some reason the book doesn't work as a charm against waiting forever, at least you were prepared.

--It is usually cold in hospitals. bring a sweater or a jacket.

--ERs take forever. Always. And if things are moving fast it's usually not good.

-- Don't be afraid to ask for pain meds!! They have them!

--Anti-nausea drugs are God's gift to mankind

--Have one good pair of hospital PJs, like a t-shirt and pants, that come off easily, move with you, and cover all your vital parts. Also no long-sleeved things since they interfere with IVs and food. Victoria's secret Pink t-shirts (for girls) are a good choice because they are soft and move to adapt w/ various IVs and such. I wore a lot of their stuff after transplant.

--Get some fuzzy sock at Target or whatever to wear around. Those hospital socks get gross pretty quickly.

--hospital food is not that bad but make sure you know where the good vending machines are.

--if you're nice to nurses, they are nice to you

--There are always infomercials on at 2 am, which you will find fascinating if you can't sleep.

--Arterial blood gases are the devil!

--Sleeping in a hospital is a hit or miss proposition.



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