Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thank you, Nurses!

Today is National Nurses day, which coincides fantastically w/ CF awareness month!
Nurses, in both CF and transplant care, are the ones on the front lines with you. They give the drugs, hold your hair when you're vomiting, go to bat with the docs on your behalf. They wash your hair, help you get dressed and set up the tub for you when you want to get clean yourself. They will also come and visit you after hours and sit with you while your lung are collapsing, trying to keep you calm while working swiftly to get you the care you need.
I love all the nurses at Childrens'! Thank you SO MUCH for all you do!
Later today (I hope)--some nursing highlight stories. :)
Off the top of my head, thanks to: Terri, Patti, Barb, Rita, Jenny, Teresa, Karen (!), Cathy, Beth, Julie, Megan, all the CF nurses and TX team nurses that I'm forgetting....thank you!!!

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