Monday, May 26, 2008

Further stage thoughts...

In the euphoria of the moment, I sort of lost the perspective, didn't I?
Well, not really. I just didn't writethe perspective at that particular moment. It was pure joy.
A chorus part may seem rather insignificant to those of us who know theater, or even those who don't, but can imagine. It's like the corps de ballet--one of the masses. But as Eliza Ganor Miden says in her book, The Ballet Companion,
The reality behind the ballet blancs's beauty is that the corps dancers earn every bit of their applause. Uniformity requires a lot of work and tremendous devotion to detail. Members of the corps leave their individuality in the dressing room...they are the junior dancers in a ballet company, with the lowest pay, the lowest status, and in many ways the hardest work--sometimes eight shows a week. And almost without exception, every great ballerina starts there (92).

Not that I think I'm going to be the next Linda Eder, here. :)
But beyond that, beyond the theatricality of it, is the sheer joy that I am here to do it. The chorus in J&H is on stage for much of the show, and it's an up-tempo show. I am expecting to be "run off my feet." And I am so looking forward to it. It's been years since I've been in a show and I have missed it tremendously. My voice is in better shape now that it ever has been, I think.
And I made the show with the CI! How cool is that?! I mean, a year ago I had just had the implanting surgery. We had no idea what was going to happen. And I've adjusted so well now that I made a musical. If I had been horrifically bad, that surely would not have happened.
Without my donor, this wouldn't have happened.
My performance on July 11 will be dedicated to my donor. I might not say that in the program, but it certainly will be in my heart. Because I would not be there without her. I would not be here without her. Every step I learn, every chorus we rehearse, every move that's blocked and every costume change is possible because she made the Vital Choice.
The next 43 days will have me thanking her constantly. And thanking God that this has happened for me.

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Dream Mom said...

Congratulations! What an exciting time for you.