Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some randoms for your Wednesday

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Ballet class: Is really going well. My second class was on Monday, and I held my releves longer than two of the other girls in class. Go me! (And they were the thin type, which makes you think--healthy, right? At least my abs are stronger. Ha ha!)

Weather: Monday--61 degrees. All the windows open, my sunroof down for the first time this year! Today? Snow. Grossness. It's about 30 something. Ew.

Books: I just finished Oliver Twist. Descriptions: fantastic. Oliver and his plot: excellent. Fleshing out of secondary characters: good. Subplots: too many. Oliver "disappears for the length of a Bible" in some places. We do not need to hear about the Beadle, Mr. Brownlow and Charlotte, etc., etc. once Oliver is done with them. They took up waaay too much time. And did anyone else think the whole Mr. Monk is Oliver's half-brother thing was sort of--random?

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