Thursday, November 29, 2007

Todd stuff

Eh an interesting visit.
PFTs down a bit--from 59 to like 56 or so. Or 55. I forget. NiOx the same. The DLCO (also known as the "hold your breath for 10 seconds" test) was actually up. Sats at 97%, which for me is lower than normal.

So we had the battle of the numbers--there's something on the lower right lobe in my X-ray, but that's not where the new chest pain is. The chest pain is in the upper left lobe (started last night during choir) and the left side. So I'm all confused. AS is Todd, I think. I am supposed to call tomorrow first thing and let them know what's going on, and then we may bronch, we may not. If no bronch I come in Monday morning to see how the newly-started levoquin is doing. (I took my first dose tonight)

Oh the joy of the pre-winter season and transplants...

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