Saturday, July 07, 2007

Popcorn: Ratatouille!

My favorite Pixar movie ever!!! Not even kidding.

Remy the rat wants to be a chef. But, um, he's a rat. So he takes to living a secret life, cooking and watching Chef Gusteau's TV show in a nerby house, until the crazy woman who owns the house discovers Remy and his brother, Emilie, and shoots out her house (literally, she owns a shotgun, it's pretty funny), causing all the rats to escape. Remy gets seperated from his family and is guided by the ghost of Chef Gusteau to the chef's former restaurant, conveniently name d(what else?) Gusteau's. There, Remy saves new hire Linguine's job by fixing a soup he had destroyed. Well the soup is a hit, and the new head chef, who is a bit wacky and not a fan of Linguine, tells him to re-create it. Which, of course, he can't--at least not without Remy. Nicknaming him "little chef," they manage to re-create it, and Linguine moves from garbage boy to chef, working along side the lovely Colette, with whom, of course, he falls in love. And Linguine ends up not being who we all think he is...

It is a great movie if you like cooking and food, which, as we know, I do. The food is incredible to look at. Pixar's animation is, of course, impeccable, and the fur! Oh my gosh. There were moments where I could've sworn I was looking at photographs.

You might think with rats as the subject, there might be a tendency to go for the low humor. Not so. The garbarge shots are limited, and there is no "potty humor" in this movie, thank God. I would actually say this is a movie geared more for adults and older kids. I think little kids will enjoy the gags (there is plenty of visual humor), but really, the plot is more adult, and the setting is certainly more adult (a Parisian French restaurant). While we do see the rats in the Parisian sewers, we don't spend a lot of time there.

The soundtrack is incredible; I need to get it. I absolutely loved it. The cinematography is also great, with the street shots of Paris being very realistic and well thought-out. I want to go to Paris immediately. I also want to cook a nice big tray of Ratatouille! If I find a good recipe I'll post it.

Gee, can you tell I loved this thing? It was just awesome.

Oh, and the CI was great too!

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