Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Of telephones and tune-ups

I had my second CI tune-up today (go back next Thursday for another), and today we mostly refined some of the programs and added another speech processor, called SPEAK. So I have two now--ACE (the original) and this one. Next week I'll decide which one I want to use for good. I also started using the telecoil, which is the CI's phone deciphering channel. If you call me on the phone, this is what I use to understand you. :) It can be set to a variety of ratios, so I can either hear only what's coming through the phone, or the phone in conjunction with other sounds (like sirens if I was on a cell phone, or whatever). Right now it's 75% phone and 25% other noise, which seems to work OK thus far, even if people's voices do sound a bit odd (like Greedo in Star Wars). But I can have an actual phone conversation--I've had two today!--which is pretty cool. I just have to turn to the telecoil program before I talk to you. So if you call me, it might take me a minute to answer while I adjust my head. :)
Hopefully I'll be out to see a movie tonight--I really want to see Ratatouille, and check out the CI in a theater!

Gee, think I want to see this one?

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Amber said...

I finally had (ok, made) time to check your blog!! Glad to 'hear' that things are going so well! ;) Hope you enjoyed the movie, if you got to see it! :D