Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This is cute...

Not directly transplant related, but what the heck? It's my blog and I can post what I want!! :)

New Children's Book Tackles Cystic Fibrosis

November 14, 2006 3:07 p.m. EST

Ayinde O. Chase - All Headline News Staff
Miami, FL (AHN) - Author Leah Orr tells the heartwarming story of a little boy's first school crush on a beautiful girl who has cystic fibrosis in her new book, "Kyle's First Crush."
In the story Kyle falls in love for the first time in Miss Irene's pre-k class.
The girl who makes his heart go "pitter pat" and his palms sweaty is named Ashley Elizabeth. She's a very special girl who makes Kyle feel special.
However, Ashley has cystic fibrosis, and Kyle learns from his teacher how this disease affects her. With the help of his mom, Kyle finally gets the courage to tell Ashley how he feels about her.
Orr's book has been widely praised for its beautiful illustrations by Josephine Lepore and shows in full color the story of a boy's first love.
The story, heartwarming in all aspects, is even more touching since Orr is the mother of Ashley Elizabeth, and Lepore, is Ashley's grandmother. "Kyle's First Crush" is the first in a series of seven books that the author plans to write about her daughter Ashley Elizabeth and cystic fibrosis.
"Children born today [with cystic fibrosis] are expected to live much longer [than in the past], but scientists, researchers and the CF Foundation are looking toward a cure by 2012," says Orr. "So, I will write a book every year until a cure is found."
She plans to donate all of the profits and proceeds from the series to the CF foundation.

Don't you just know I am going to be buying some of these???

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leah orr said...

thanks so much for helping to promote my book.
Your're the best!
Leah Orr