Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Last vacay

So that Memorial Day my family and I headed for Pittsburgh to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday at my Aunt Patty's, as well as take the annual (mostly) family pilgrimage to Kennywood (favorite theme park ever!). True confession: I probably shouldn't have gone on the trip. I wasn't feeling great, but I knew this would probably be my last chance to see everyone before the surgery, so I thought I better get it in now. And I didn't want to screw this up for my parents, since it was grandpa's birthday and everyone else (except Aunt Mary's family, who was in London/Rome/Tuscany/Greece) would be there.
The party was awesome--I got to see all my cousins, including Diane who had just graduated from ND, and Ryan, who I always loved seeing. :) The Kennywood day was also awesome, and I managed to keep up with everyone pretty well. But I could not believe the number of people smoking.....ewewww. It was just gross. But I did take Ryan on his first coaster rides; Jack rabbit, racer, extertminator, and told him to hold on tight on the Jack Rabbit since I didn't want him flying out on the double dip and then Aunt Patty would kill me. :) But he did very well. My cousin Carrie and Uncle Rich even did the sky diving/bungie jump thing they have at amusement parks, which cracked me up. You would never get me up there. So a good day for all of us, and a nice trip.
When we got back, I was officially "listed" and then we began the wait...

Pics are from Pa's birthday party: me and Diane, me and Ryan, and grandma and pa eating cake in Aunt Patty's kitchen after the party.

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