Saturday, July 01, 2006

Becoming gainfully employed

Around the beginning of August, I was starting to get kind of anxious about my job prospects. I had sent out my resume and writing to samples to a few companies in D.C., hoping to get hired, and had interviewed for an internship position with the state legislature, but had been told I was put on the 'alternate' list. While I was enjoying my campaign work, it was becoming increasingly evident that I need to, um, get a job. A real one. With money.

Fortunately, I got a call in the beginning of August from the internship program, saying that they had an opening and would I like to come work for them? I really didn't need to think too hard about that one, said yes, and began work as an intern in the Ohio Senate August 16, 2004. It was a paid internship (I made good money) and I got to work with three Senate offices, as well as write the internal memos for the GOP staff for the Finance and Ways and Means and Economic Development committees.

This was a fun job, as I enjoyes using my degrees and working close to home. The people were (are) fun, even though it was quiet as a tomb around there because it was a campaign year and everyone was home for the summer, campaigning. I was managing to stay fairly healthy, even though I did have two hospitalizations for lovely pancreatitis, one in October and one in December. But that can happen to anyone, right? So I didn't 'let the cat out of the bag' just yet. No one technically had to know. :)

November was good to us--we retained our majority in both the Ohio legislature and Congress, so all was well. I also accepted a job working for Sen. Cates of West Chester as his adminstrative asssitant when he became the Senator for the Fourth District in January. So I had money and health insurance of my own! Woohoo!

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