Monday, September 18, 2006

Homeward Bound

After a month of drug fixing, drug changing, and learning how to change the dressing on the sloooowly improving right arm, I was finally able to nail down a departure date from Dr. A. Friday August 4 (I believe) was the big day, and of course the media would be involved.
The morning off I was so off kilter I even threw up a few times. I had my first real bath (like my entire body got wet) since before tx, and it was amazing. Love the hot water. Getting out was a bit of a challenge since I hadn't had to use those muscles in about a month, but Mom and I managed to do it. I also put on make-up for the first time in a long time, since I was going to be photographed by the Children's photographer (Dan, who does a great job) and interviewed by Kurt Ludlow from CBS 10 TV here in Columbus.
Before I was released we met with Julie, the pharmacist, and got all my prescriptions filled from the local Kroger (they know us really well so that Julie could check them over. Karen gave us an extremely detailed schedules with all the stuff we would have to do for the first few months and we got all sorts of numbers and books and good stuff.
Around lunchtime, the Children's media team came in and we did a quick interview and took pictures of me signing my discharge papers and all that good stuff. The channel 10 team met us int he Education center where I had my interview (Kurt was really nice) and they filmed me walking out. It was a really hot, muggy day, which was a change from the manufactured coolness of the hospital.
With a hug from Karen and Dr. A (who seemed a bit reluctant to do so), I got in my mom's car and we were on our way home. Huzzah!

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